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Motorcycle Accident Back & Knee Injuries


Auto Accident Concussion


Bicycle Accident on Defective Sidewalk Spine Injury


Truck Accident Back Injury


Truck Accident Back Injury


Auto Accident Concussion


Auto Accident Back Injury


Motorcycle Accident Wrongful


Staircase Railing Back Injury


Assault Back Injuries


Wage and Hour Dispute Against City of San Diego


Auto Accident Concussion


Right of Way Dispute Back Injury


Truck Accident Back Injury


Truck Accident Back Injury

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Ryan is Conger Law’s founder and brings both experience and dedication to his clients. After working for one of the largest injury defense firms in the nation, he decided to take his knowledge of the inner workings of insurance companies, government agencies, and other entities to support people like you. Ryan’s desire to defend the underdog began with the difficulties faced by his younger brother with special needs. For the past five years, Ryan has fought for clients as he would for his own family, recovering more than $100 million in settlements for catastrophic injuries, wrongful death claims, and more. LEARN MORE

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Should you ever need – or think you need – any legal help, call Ryan Conger. Ryan and his team possess the expertise, the diligence, the timely follow ups and a multi-faceted approach that was proven invaluable for me. I was referred to Ryan and happy to do the same. Ryan’s handling of my situation provided the absolute best outcome possible. Thank you, Ryan!

Dan A.

Ryan Conger and the entire crew at Conger Law are top shelf. I am a trial lawyer in New Mexico, and when I needed help with my own personal lawsuit in San Diego, I turned to Ryan Conger and his firm. I am glad I did. They are professional, thorough, creative and strong advocates. Ryan took really good care of me and my case and I am very grateful.

Steve S.

Ryan Conger is truly amazing he went above and beyond on my case, I would recommend him to anyone It was life-changing I’m beyond great full.

Juanita A.
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Personal injury is a broad category of law, which can leave you unsure whether your lawyer is prepared to meet your needs. Here are samples of some of the areas in which we specialize. If you have questions or don’t know if your case is right for us, simply reach out for a free consultation.

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